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Battery Testing

Prevent Costly Downtime by Testing & Maintaining Your Batteries

Do you proactively maintain or replace the batteries critical to keeping your business running? We’ll use state of the art testing tools that will provide a health assessment of your vehicle or battery's current condition, allowing you to proactively replace your batteries rather than suffering any financial hardship of vehicle downtime. Based on the testing results, our associates can assist you with choosing the proper battery to keep your business powered up. If you have questions about our business to business program or our battery testing services, please let us know.

What You Can Expect

State of the Art Testing Tools

State of the art equipment will provide you with an instant snapshot of your battery's life

Pickup & Delivery Services

Our associates will help you understand the in-depth battery test results

Advice on Battery Replacements

We will provide expert advice on any battery replacements that may be needed

Why Us?  Free Delivery  •  Professional, knowledgeable staff  •  Extended evening & weekend hours

Quote SignThe testing that Batteries Plus Bulbs performs provides me with the information I need to make smart purchasing decisions to reduce unnecessary interruptions to my business."

Jose M, Operations Manager

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