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On-Site Needs

Providing Long Term Power & Lighting Solutions

By performing a needs assessment we will be able to better understand your business and how we can help you be more successful. We'll come to your place of business with an array of tools and knowledge to help you identify how to make the most of your lighting and power, how you may be able to save money, and other lighting, power, or repair solutions. If you have questions about our business to business program or if you are interested in setting up an on-site needs assessment, please let us know.

What We Look for

Power Solutions

Power Solutions

By using our site walk through guide, we'll help identify commonly replaced batteries, hard to find batteries, and ways to improve your battery performance.

Lighting Solutions

Lighting Solutions

We'll use a light meter, ballast discriminator, and a laser distance meter to recognize where you can save money by adopting energy efficient lighting solutions, and also to establish poorly lit spaces that don't support safe work environments.

Recycling Solutions

Repair Solutions

Let's take a closer look at the devices you commonly use for your business. We'll identify where we may be able to assist with any repairs or battery installations.

Why Us?  Professional, knowledgeable staff  •  Extended evening & weekend hours

Quote SignI was caught off guard by the commitment to understand my business and how Batteries Plus Bulbs could help me find cost saving opportunities. They know their stuff!"

Frank B, Business Owner

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