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Werker SLA Batteries

Batteries Plus Bulbs has been the exclusive distributor of Werker AGM and Gel Batteries for over ten years. We have proudly provided a quality product to millions of customers, both retail and commercial, in that time span. While the Werker product has continued to be a reliable battery, Batteries Plus Bulbs is transitioning our AGM and Gel SLA lines to Duracell Ultra.

The new Duracell Ultra product is manufactured in the same factory using the same design as the Werker brand product. Additionally, it carries the same specifications and quality as the Werker product. The Duracell brand is trusted everywhere, and so are our Duracell Ultra sealed lead acid batteries.

To carry the Duracell brand, these batteries must be high quality, reliable, consistent and safe.

Duracell requires that products which carry the Duracell brand are rigorously tested to ensure:

We are confident that you will be satisfied and delighted with the Duracell Ultra product, just as you were with our Werker sealed lead acid batteries.

Check our line Duracell Ultra Batteries, exclusively distributed by Batteries Plus Bulbs.