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Automotive Power 101:
Car Battery Replacement

Find Your Car Battery

How can we help power your vehicle?

Car Battery Replacement

You'll find a huge selection of car and truck batteries for a wide variety of makes, models and years. Together, we'll find the right battery for your vehicle and install it in your car the very same day.

Diagnose the Problem

Not sure if your battery is causing the problem? Stop by for a free battery, starter and alternator check. If it turns out you need a car battery replacement, we can help with that, too, from sales to installation.

Clean it Up

Corrosive build-up on your car battery terminals can affect the performance and efficiency of your battery. Bring your car to us and a Trusted Advisor will clean your terminals and show you how to maintain your battery.

Duracell Ultra Auto Battery

Truck & Car Battery FAQs

You'll definitely know you need a car battery replacement if your old battery dies and can't be jump-started, but you don't need to wait until your battery breaks down to look into replacing an older battery. You may feel that its performance is lagging and suspect there's an issue but not feel totally confident in diagnosing the problem yourself. We'll be able to tell you if you need a new car battery after we run a free battery check test. Based on those findings, we can guide you to the best car battery replacement for your needs and even install it for you.

The average lifespan of a car battery is approximately three to five years, but it depends on several other factors, too:

  • Exposure to weather conditions
  • The amount of driving you do
  • The quality of the battery
  • Whether you maintain regular battery maintenance opens in new window and cleaning
  • Increasing in-car power demands, like phone charging, DVD players, tablets, etc.

The car replacement battery cost itself depends on the vehicle make, model and year. When it comes to car battery replacement services, we offer free testing and some locations may offer installation free of charge, too. Contact your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store for more details about the costs associated with these services at a particular location.

Come to any Batteries Plus Bulbs store, where skilled service professionals can take care of your replacement battery installation. We'll even take care of your old battery disposal, too. Our company recycling program helps to repurpose parts and keep batteries out of landfills.

The amount of time it takes to replace a car battery varies and depends on how busy our auto services department is at the time, but we may be able to install your new battery in as little as 30 minutes.

We sell and can replace the most common types of cables. To find out whether we can replace a specific kind of cable, contact a store near you for more information.

One way to help extend the life of your car battery is to stay on top of regular maintenance. You should clean your battery from corrosion by applying a spray cleaner and using a brush to scrub off the build-up. Be sure to tighten any loose cables and wipe down vent caps before you're finished. Our service professionals can provide detailed car battery cleaning instructions opens in new window and even guide you toward which of the cleaning products and maintenance tools we carry are best suited for your battery maintenance routine.

Find Your Car Battery

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