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CYL10017 Duracell Ultra 16CL-B 12V 325CCA AGM Powersport Battery


CYL10017 Duracell Ultra 16CL-B 12V 325CCA AGM Powersport Battery

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Product Details

  • This Duracell Ultra gray case 16CL-B AGM battery is the perfect replacement battery for a variety of motorcycles and jet skis from Kawasaki, Yamaha and more.
  • Provides a powerful 325 cold cranking amps to start the engine the first time, every time.
  • AGM design provides superior vibration resistance and temperature tolerance for those long days outside riding.
  • Activated and ready to go right out of the store. Install your new battery and go for a ride.
  • Duracell's advanced AGM design is 100% maintenance free to prevent electrolyte leakage.
  • Comes with a 2-year free replacement warranty.
Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Item Number:
Duracell Ultra
Lead Acid Type:
Cold Cranking Amps:
Battery Type:
Factory Activated
Lead Acid
Comes With:
20mm Adapter
Lead Acid Design:
Made in the USA:
Product Category:
Product Sub Category:
Domestic AGM
24 Month Free Replacement
17.451 lbs
6.87 in
3.87 in
6.125 in


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    • Complete 4-step charging program: initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode, float mode
    • Charges 12V lead acid batteries
    • If the battery voltage drops too far under load, full charger output power resumes
    • 5 year warranty
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    Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
    • 1.5 Amp automatic charging
    • Charges both 6V and 12V flooded, gel, and AGM batteries
    • Lithium battery charging compatible
    • Designed to prevent reverse polarity & sparks
    • High impact case also protects against dirt & water
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    Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
    • 3.8 Amp automatic charging for 6V and 12V batteries
    • Recovery mode to charge low voltage or sulfated batteries
    • Charges flooded, gel, AGM, and lithium batteries
    • Built to charge in cold settings
    • Protection against reverse polarity, sparks, dirt, & water
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    Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
    • Hardened outer casing protects against water, dirt, UV, and pressure impacts.
    • Fully automatic and safely protects against reverse polarity, sparks, overcharging, and overheating.
    • Water resistant up to 4.9 feet (1.5 meters).
    • 8 total amps: Two 4-amp chargers in one to keep two boat batteries ready to go.
    • Can be permanently mounted as an onboard charger on or inside the boat.
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    Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
    • Automatically switches from full charge to float mode
    • Reverse hook-up protection
    • LED charging indicators
    • Float mode monitoring slow charges 6V and 12V batteries to prevent overcharging
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    Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
    • Uninterrupted power supply with use of intelligent charge technology
    • Overload, over-temperature, high and low battery voltage protection
    • Compact and space saving design
    • This power unit is precisely controlled by modern Microprocessor technology
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    Cancer and Reproductive Harm -