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California's Aggressive Energy-Efficiency Policy & Emerging Technology Help Power Local Growth of Battery and Light Bulb Franchise

Los Angeles Targeted by Batteries Plus Bulbs® as Key Market in West Coast Expansion Plan

Los Angeles, Calif. - As California gladly flips the switch on a new era of longer-lasting, more efficient lighting options, continuing its charge as the country's leader in overall energy-efficiency, a national franchise of over 575 specialty stores that has access to over 45,000 batteries, light bulbs and energy-related products is primed to expand aggressively throughout the state, especially in Southern California.

With 30 stores either open or in development in California, Batteries Plus Bulbs®, the nation's first, largest and fastest growing battery and light bulb franchise, has identified Los Angeles as an ideal market for further franchise development. Batteries Plus Bulbs serves both the expanding $30.7 billion U.S. battery industry and the growing U.S. light bulb replacement industry estimated to be at $17 billion in sales*.

"The nation's obsession with portable devices, coupled with federal and state mandated shifts to energy- efficient light bulbs, has created the perfect storm for a specialized local battery and light bulb source in Los Angeles," said John Twist, Vice President of Franchise and Business Development. "In our assisted-sale environment, we see an opportunity to educate consumers about the many energy-efficient and cost-saving lighting options available."

Twist is referring to the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which has implemented a series of regulations mandating the gradual phase-out of the manufacturing, importation, and sale of inefficient lighting products, namely incandescent bulbs, over the past six years. Higher watt bulbs (75-100 watts) were the first to go, and in January 2014, the final portion of the manufacturing phase-out will be complete, discontinuing production of all 40-60 watt bulbs.

Meanwhile, Batteries Plus Bulbs has experienced a 51 percent increase in store count since the beginning of 2010, having opened 201 new stores. During this same span, showing faith in the bright future of Batteries Plus Bulbs, over one-third of the chain's franchise owners purchased an additional 140+ stores, which in addition to creating more job opportunities, is an outstanding endorsement of their business.

Batteries Plus Bulbs offers prospective franchisees multiple revenue streams including retail, business-to-business and ecommerce sales. In addition to consumers, franchisees have the opportunity to serve an array of businesses, such as hotels and hospitals, assisting them with their energy savings while improving their overall carbon footprints. Batteries Plus Bulbs conducts onsite needs-analysis visits and offers volume discounts on battery and light bulb purchases. Each franchise will also help local businesses work with local utility companies to leverage all financial incentives available to them when switching over to energy-efficient lighting, often in the form of rebates. Batteries Plus Bulbs will also help businesses with online ordering, delivery, recycling and other services to help make their transition to energy-efficient lighting even smoother.

Batteries Plus Bulbs is the nation's first, largest and fastest growing battery and light bulb franchise with more than 575 locations in 46 states and Puerto Rico. Batteries Plus Bulbs is owned by Roark Capital Group, an Atlanta-based private equity firm. With access to more than 45,000 types of batteries, light bulbs and accessories, Batteries Plus Bulbs has the widest selection of battery and light bulb products available and offers unmatched service to consumers and businesses at the national and local levels. Batteries Plus Bulbs continues its reign as the undisputed leader in the expanding $30.7 billion U.S. battery replacement industry and in the rapidly growing U.S. light bulb replacement industry estimated at $17 billion*.  For more information, please visit

*Freedonia Research Study

Contact: Holly Kleese, Fishman Public Relations,