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The Market

California has always been ahead of the curve regarding energy efficiency and technology-driven initiatives. As a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchisee you will meet this demand, providing cutting-edge lighting technologies, including LEDs for homes and businesses, as well as top-quality batteries for a highly mobile society. You will also become a trusted source for tablet and smartphone repair services - replacing cracked screens and broken buttons. Be a reliable disposal and recycling location for customers to bring their spent batteries and bulbs, too!


You and Batteries Plus Bulbs could have a bright future in California.

Notable Opportunities

  • CA state buildings are aiming for a 20% reduction in overall energy use by 2018 - this is a sign of the high priority of upgrading to energy-efficient lighting for all businesses

  • You can assist business customers with retrofitting their lamps to LEDs, or converting their T12 fixtures to T8s, based on your on-site analysis

  • 87% of the billions of “connected” devices in 2017 are projected to be either smartphones or tablets

  • Tablets are predicted to outsell laptops in 2015, so you will meet the increasing demand to repair them

California Development Incentive Program

Take advantage of our California Development Incentive Program and get financial assistance and support when you open a new Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise location in the state.

The program includes

  • Startup payment deferments

  • Cash contributions

  • Operational cost subsidies

We offer prime market availability, for single or multiple units, with a focus in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, as well as San Diego and Bakersfield .