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Batteries Plus Bulbs Franchise Opportunity Application

Thank you for inquiring about the Batteries Plus Bulbs® franchise opportunity. If you are ready to explore in detail the prospect of joining us, please complete the form below. We look for candidates with a minimum net worth of $350,000 and $100,000 liquid capital.

Submitting this form does not obligate you in any way. Once your completed questionnaire is received by our corporate office, someone will contact you to discuss your questionnaire further.

If you prefer, you can download this application to submit by fax or email.

Personal Information

Investment Data

If a field which requires a dollar amount does not apply to you or you are otherwise unsure what to enter, please enter a "0"(zero).

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The undersigned acknowledges and agrees:

1. Batteries Plus, LLC shall not incur any obligation or liability by receipt of the completed form and shall be entitled to decline to proceed with the application for a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise without giving any reason for the decision.

2. No one other than an authorized officer of Batteries Plus, LLC has the authority to approve the undersigned for a Batteries Plus Bulbs Franchise Agreement.

3. Any material misrepresentation, whether intentional or unintentional, in information supplied by the applicant in this form shall be grounds upon which Batteries Plus, LLC may immediately terminate any agreements executed by the undersigned and Batteries Plus, LLC.

4. I will certify all information provided in this Application, including financial data, is correct. By signing this Application I hereby authorize investigation of all statements and the financial information disclosed. I authorize any person or company to provide Batteries Plus Bulbs or its representative, with information, including without limitation, concerning my employment, work habits, character and credit history as may be requested by Batteries Plus Bulbs.


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