There is No Better Brand for Selling Batteries and Bulbs

The best franchise opportunities are backed by a strong brand. At heart, it's a company's reputation. What it stands for. What it delivers. What people believe about it. A great brand can be a franchise organization's biggest asset. And your most-effective sales tool.

At Batteries Plus Bulbs, our brand equity comes from 30 years of being the place where customers could find a solution, gain expert advice and get back to their day.

The Batteries Plus Bulbs brand evolved from our ability to overcome customer emergencies and resolve their problems. They trust us to have the batteries, light bulbs, and expertise they need. And now, through our We Fix It Repair Centers, to repair their smartphones and tablets quickly to get them back online. To ensure they're never disappointed, we've created operational procedures and customer service training that is second to none.

The simple truth is we make our customers happy and there's no more powerful way to build a brand.

Before you buy into a franchise opportunity, you need to buy into that franchise's brand

When it comes to light bulb and battery franchise opportunities, you need more than the right products and a great location. You need to be part of a brand you can believe in – that embodies your own beliefs and motivations. If a brand powered by trust appeals to you, Batteries Plus Bulbs is the battery and light bulb franchise opportunity you've been looking for.

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At Batteries Plus Bulbs, our brand is grounded in what our customers want from us

  • Batteries they can trust to start their vehicles and power the devices they depend on
  • Light bulbs they can trust to last a long time and save them money
  • Technical experts they can trust to fix their smartphone

In other words, they want to be able to trust us to have what they need when they need it most.

Our brand gets the full attention of our full service marketing department

We take our brand very seriously and are constantly improving our ability to be relevant to our customers. Our marketing initiatives deliver a powerful, consistent and unmistakable brand image. Every franchisee across the nation supports our brand standards and are successfully building brand equity in their communities. Coupled with Public Relations, social media, and a strong online presence, we've been able to raise our brand awareness to an all time high.

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