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You'll find our friendly, knowledgeable staff doing what they do best... helping customers find the right products and solving their problems.

We're Different. And That's a Good Thing.

Our value proposition is built around breadth, immediacy, and service. We meet the needs of our customers today and in the future with the products and services we offer along with unmatched expertise.

Large variety of products
We Sell Solutions

Everyone that comes to us, comes to us with a problem they need solved. Our on the go society relies on thousands of batteries, light bulbs, and devices. When those stop functioning, that's when we step in. Be the hero in your community by providing access to over 60,000 unique batteries, light bulbs, and related accessories.

Helpful Services
We Fix It® Repair Center

Our smartphone and tablet repair services give us another opportunity to solve our customers’ problems, expanding our customer base even further. We offer repairs including fixing broken screens, buttons and charge ports, as well as replacing the phone’s battery.

Our expertise
Building Lifelong Relationships

What makes our stores successful is the depth of knowledge our employees demonstrate. It's how we deliver such a unique experience in our stores, and it's how we build lasting relationships with our customers so they keep coming back.

Commercial Sales
Committed to Businesses in the Community

An ever-increasing number of businesses, both large and small, depend on our products and services everyday. The trust and confidence of our brand is amplified by our stores commitment to offering customized programs that fit the needs of each of their business accounts.

We make owning a Batteries Plus Bulbs store easy.


You don't need to be a product expert or have a technical background.


Support starts now, and ends never. We will guide you through the purchase, site selection, and set up of your store.

Simplistic Labor Model

We aren’t like other concepts. Staff can start small and increase as sales increase.