There is no Typical Day, but Every Day is Typically Fulfilling

Our franchisees love owning their own business. Every one of them tells us that they enjoy how each day is different, featuring its own opportunities, challenges and rewards. This variety is one of the things that makes the Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise opportunity so appealing. Some franchise owners prefer to be in their stores daily working with customers, while others now preside over multiple store locations or even multiple franchise businesses from a central office. Regardless, our owners know they are always in for a varied and interesting day.

Mark Dogget - Franchise OwnerMark Doggett, franchise owner in Raleigh, NC

Take Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise owner Mark Doggett, for example, who operates a store in Raleigh, NC. Here's a glimpse into a day in his life as a franchise owner.

If you can picture yourself in Mark’s role owning and operating a business, start exploring our franchise opportunity today.

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8:35 AM

Franchise owner Mark Doggett gets started in his home office while his manager opens the store at 8 a.m.. He begins his day checking email, corresponding with his accountant, reviewing sales numbers, receivables, and payables and checking the status on orders and inventory.

9:15 AM

Mark begins his drive to work with a goal of arriving at his store by 9:30, but keeps that time flexible to allow himself a chance to do a little sales along the commute.

"On the way, if I notice a new business or opportunity, I might stop and introduce myself."

A growing part of Mark's revenue comes from business accounts such as hotels, schools, property management companies and others. As a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchisee, Mark is visible and known in his community, and networking helps his sales.

Recently, he noticed the opening of a new hotel in the neighborhood.

"I introduced myself to the manager and explained how we could provide any battery or any bulb for anything, 7 days week."

The visit paid off as the hotel now orders batteries for its 310 card key door locks and hallway emergency lights.

9:51 AM

Mark arrives at the store and joins his team in serving customers, making sure that each one gets their "problem" solved.

Mark knows that the typical household has 28 battery powered devices and 61 light bulb sockets and that exposing his customers to all of the ways he can provide solutions is a great way to get them back to the store sooner and more often.


The team serves customers, performs diagnostic testing on products such as laptop batteries and car batteries, assembles orders to be delivered to business accounts, installs car batteries and watch batteries, repairs smartphones and performs many other tasks. Mark employs 4 team members, 2 part time and 2 full time and, one of which is a store manager who makes it possible for him to have normal working hours. He and his manager almost always work the mid-day rush hours together and stagger other times of the week.

2:18 PM

After the mid-day rush settles down, Mark reviews the business account leads generated by his team throughout the day from conversations with customers. He makes a few phone calls to set or confirm appointments with prospective business accounts.

2:30 PM

Mark leaves the store to get to his scheduled sales calls with business account customers and prospects.

"There is just no better way to capture a customer and create a relationship than to visit them at their place of business. We get a lot of walk in business customers so I try to visit them in a timely fashion to make sure they know all of the ways we can support their battery and lighting needs. I don't always get a sale but it's almost always an easy conversation because every business uses what I sell."

Because each Batteries Plus Bulbs store has a 20 mile radius trade area in which to sell, Mark has a huge opportunity to service thousands of area business.

"That's the great thing about this business. There is virtually no limit to the businesses you can sell, it's up to you how much you want to do or how big you want to be."

4:45 PM

After returning to the store Mark checks in with the team and handles any issues needing his attention such as special orders or customer follow ups.

5:15 PM

Mark leaves the store and heads home for the day. He comes home with a sense of fulfillment and enjoys family time.

7:30 PM

Mark checks his email one last time for the day and looks at the store numbers for the day on his phone.

"It is great that I can stay connected with the store even when I'm not there. If I see something I want to look into I can just pick up the phone and ask my team."

9:00 PM

The store closes at 9 p.m. Monday thru Friday and a bit earlier on weekends.

"It's different every day and I love it."

It's Your Life, How Will You Spend It?

No matter how you spend your time now, your days could be even more rewarding as a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise owner. Are you growing tired of working for someone else or being stuck in a job with no room for growth? Do you feel your potential is limited yet you're unsure about taking on a new endeavor? Whether you measure your success by the money you make, the challenges you overcome, being an independent entrepreneur, or the people you help, Batteries Plus Bulbs can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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