Batteries Plus Bulbs: What you need to know about Cell Phone Batteries

Batteries Plus Bulbs: What you need to know about Cell Phone Batteries

NEWS ARTICLE - 5/25/2017 - By Joe Emer (Fox 10)

Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise owner, Ray Sandoval joined Studio10 to give battery tips to cell and smartphone users. Ray advises cell phone users to turn off their apps when not using them. Although the apps are only running in the background, they still demand battery power. The general lithium cell phone battery holds up to around 500 cycles of charging and discharging. By charging the battery at 20% and discharging it at 80%, the battery life can last twice as long, at around 1000 cycles. If the battery gets to the point where it needs replacement, take it into a device repair store like Batteries Plus Bulbs. A store technician can help diagnose the problem at no cost. In cases with a bad battery, technicians will first check the charger and the charging port just to make sure the problem is indeed due to a bad battery. Read More

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