Father and Son Head Up Batteries Plus Bulbs

Father and Son Head Up Batteries Plus Bulbs

NEWS ARTICLE - 1/2/2017 - By Rebecca Mariscal (Hudson Sun-Observer)

Father and son duo Terry and Casey Moores recently celebrated the grand opening of their first joint business venture – a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise in Hudson, WI. U.S. Navy veteran Casey says he knew the company was the right fit for him when he discovered Batteries Plus Bulbs’ veteran benefit program. Batteries Plus Bulbs offers discounted rates to U.S. veterans interested in opening a franchise with the company. In fact, over 13% of all Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise locations are owned by military veterans. The Moores look forward to providing a previously unavailable service to residents in the area, and with over 60,000 different batteries and light bulbs in store Hudson-area residents have a lot to look forward to. Read More

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