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Holiday Survival: 8 Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy and Healthy

NEWS ARTICLE - 11/17/2016 - By Caitlin Kelly (Forbes)

For retailers, Thanksgiving means Black Friday is right around the corner and that requires a lot of preparation. Retailers like Batteries Plus Bulbs have learned that the best way to prepare for Black Friday is to create a supportive atmosphere for their employees by offering incentives for working during the hectic shopping season.

Batteries Plus Bulbs Celebrates Anniversary

NEWS ARTICLE - 11/10/2016 - By The Burton View

John Dombrowski and his business partner John Butts knew 10 years ago they wanted to get into business for themselves. They were confident in the leadership at Batteries Plus Bulbs. Dombrowski credits the relationships he’s made through the business as a key factor to their success, and now with 10 years of ownership experience under his belt the future looks bright.

Retail Brands Fight the "Amazon Effect"

NEWS ARTICLE - 10/1/2016 - By Alex Van Abbema (Franchise Times)

Retail franchises like Batteries Plus Bulbs, have successfully adopted to the "Amazon Effect" and online shopping in general through their omni channel efforts and value proposition of immediate service. "Most people, when they have an energy outage, don’t want to wait 48 hours to replace that battery," says Batteries Plus Bulbs CEO Russ Reynolds. Alongside the installation knowledge of their employees, the company introduced cell phone repair, now one of its fastest-growing subsets, in the second half of 2014.

Family Opens Specialized Light Bulbs and Battery Store in Humble

NEWS ARTICLE - 9/21/2016 - By Melanie Feuk (The Humble Observer)

Stan and Chris Shook always had a dream of owning their own business together. The Shook's inspiration to finally own their own business came when they saw a need for a place to buy specialty light bulbs within the town of Humble when they couldn't find a light bulb they needed. When they Googled info on owning a light bulb business, they came across the Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise. The Shooks found Humble an appealing location for their business because of the area’s growth and the fact that they like the people they've encountered in the community.

Battery Chain Charged Up

NEWS ARTICLE - 8/31/2016 - By Tom Bell (Shopping Centers Today)

Titled “Battery Chain Charged Up,” writer Tom Bell says Batteries Plus Bulbs will add 50 new stores this year to the 675 it already operates. He speaks with Steve Huss, a Portland franchisee, and Rod Tremelling, Director of Franchise Development for Batteries Plus Bulbs. After providing a high-level company timeline, Bell notes that the franchise has a strong presence in the Midwest and is now targeting the Northeast and California for growth.

Battery Power for Every Device: Batteries Plus Bulbs

NEWS ARTICLE - 8/7/2016 - By John Kennett (Midland Daily News)

The new Batteries Plus Bulbs Midland store has many battery and light bulb products as well as offering services like smartphone repairs with store franchise owners Sue and Michael Hunter. He came across Batteries Plus Bulbs on a TV commercial and upon researching the company knew it was one of the fastest-growing franchises in the nation.

Treating Your Lithium Polymer Drone Batteries Well Will Give You Hours and Hours of Flying Excitement

NEWS ARTICLE - 7/5/2016 - By Joshua Goldman (CNET)

Tips on the best ways to properly maintain and store drone batteries to ensure your drones are flying at the max.

The Best Light Bulbs For Maximum Visibility in Your Kitchen

NEWS ARTICLE - 5/19/2016 - By Amanda Sims (Food52)

With advances in lighting technology, shopping for new light bulbs like LEDs has become a bit more tricky and complex.

Veteran-friendly: Local franchisee, Vet Opened New New Braunfels Store This Week

NEWS ARTICLE - 4/30/2016 - By Jared Meisinger (New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung)

An in-depth look at franchise owner Rob Scott's military and professional background, explaining why Rob chose to invest in the Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise opportunity and begin a new career.

Batteries Plus Bulbs: The Coolest Company Most Long Islanders Have Never Heard Of

NEWS ARTICLE - 4/6/2016 - By Spencer Rumsey (Long Island Press)

Imagine one store that carries batteries of all kinds, from smartphones to cars, plus a gazillion light bulbs and an assortment of chargers, and you begin to understand what one of the nation's fastest-growing franchises, Batteries Plus Bulbs, is all about.

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