How Much Can I Make

Many variables will affect how much you will earn from owning a Batteries Plus Bulbs. Your time investment, work ethic, dedication to customer loyalty, and store location will all have an impact on the revenue you will achieve. While we are unable to predict the exact amount of revenue your unique store will generate, here are some average numbers from our corporate stores.

$1,416,761 average revenue for the top quarter of our stores*

53.6% is the average merchandise margin**

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How to Reach Your Full Potential

1 Increase Customer Loyalty
Create An Outstanding
In-store Experience

While it is essential to your success to stock quality products, it is just as important to emphasize the importance of customer service. When you provide an excellent customer experience in your store, you have an opportunity to convert visitors into lifetime customers. Each service offered at your store is a chance to engage with your customer and help solve their problem. When you go the extra mile for your customers and treat them like family, they will pay you back with their loyalty and by sharing their experience with others.

2 Increase High Volume Orders
Connect With Businesses in Your Community

There are endless business-to-business sales opportunities. Mom and pop shops in your neighborhood, warehouses in industrial parks, or large chains, they all need the products and services you will provide in your store. Our most successful franchise owners make commercial sales a high priority in their business plan and enjoy the benefits of reoccurring large volume orders.

3 Increase Awareness
Be a Community Advocate

Being a leader in your community pays off. Many of our franchise owners choose to complete volunteer work, provide donations to local charities, sponsor local teams and organizations, or complete other community outreach. By doing so, it increases awareness of your store, positions your business as one that gives back and improves your PR opportunities.

*Net revenue average of $1,416,761 is based on the net sales average for the top 25% of all 637 stores open during the entire 2017 calendar year. There is no assurance you will do as well. See Item 19 of our 2018 FDD for further details. **See Item 19 of our 2018 FDD for further details.

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