Looking for Franchise Financing?

There are many ways to finance a franchise. If you are still exploring finance options, check out some of our suggestions below.

Batteries Plus Bulbs Financing Program

Get up to $50,000 in financing to put towards your initial store development expenses. Contact us to learn more about this program or to see if you qualify.

Conventional Lenders

We have well-established relationships with lenders that provide franchise financing to new business owners. Our list of lenders are already familiar with our business model, which makes the process a lot smoother.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Lenders

The SBA is an excellent resource for learning more about business loan requirements. We have been SBA-approved franchise since 2008; find us on the SBA registry at www.sba.gov.

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Leveraging retirement funds

Many retirement funds residing in an IRA, 401K, pension, 403b, 457, or annuity can legally be used to finance a business.

Please contact us to learn more about financing options that may be available to you.

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California Franchise Development

California is one of Batteries Plus Bulbs' most important target markets for cultivating franchise opportunities. To support store development there, we offer significant support for new owners through our California Development Incentive Program. This program is designed to address the cash flow aspects of franchise startup costs in California.

The program includes

  • Startup payment deferments
  • Marketing contributions
  • Operational cost subsidies

The California Development Incentive Program has been well received and we expect to see more potential franchisees take advantage of this offer in the future.

Nationally Recognized as a Top Franchise Opportunity

We've come a long way from our humble beginnings as a single storefront in Green Bay, WI. Today we are over 700 locations strong and growing and people are noticing. Over the past two decades, we've been recognized as one of the best businesses to start and a fastest-growing franchise by several accredited publications and organizations.

Forbes Ranked
Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Ranked
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Learn how our needs-based business has become one of the best franchise opportunities in today's mobile society.