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Lights on. Power up. Keep things running on time and on budget.

In the contracting game, there's no room for downtime. Work is coordinated down to the hour and all systems are go. Over 23,000 contractors count on us to help keep their projects running smoothly, from the lights overhead to the batteries that power cordless tools. Job-site safety, security systems, vehicle batteries, electronics… that's covered, too.

Determine your needs, or let us help. Together, we'll keep things running. On time, on budget. Let's connect.

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"There was a specific employee who had a sensitivity to fluorescent lighting and would get migraines. Now that we have switched to LED, the migraines have disappeared! Batteries Plus Bulbs turned the entire building to all LED lighting. It brightened up the entire building and translated into energy savings for us. Matt does a phenomenal job and is extremely personal. He is our liaison between us and Batteries Plus Bulbs. Absolutely, it's convenient, haven't had any issues. Very quick to remedy any questions."

Debbie Fannie, ABC Fire Extinguisher Company

Top Solutions for Contractors

No matter which area you're purchasing for, you'll find solutions to help you save time and money on your power, repair and lighting needs. How can we help you today?

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Advantages of a Business Account for Contractors

Competitive Volume Pricing

Our volume discounts and business pricing keep costs lower for our religious organizations.

Convenient Hours & Locations

Our extended evening and weekend hours, jobsite delivery, and online ordering help you get the quality lighting & power products you need - when you need them.

Free Battery Testing

Wondering whether the battery you have is up to the task? Let us test it - FREE - to find out.

Recycling Services

Let's work together to reduce waste in our landfills and stop harmful chemicals from contaminating our soil and water.

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