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Broken Phone? Repair Instead of Replace!

Tech - by Angela Christopherson - updated on 2/4/2016

Studies say about 30% of iPhone users will damage their phones within the first year.

If your device is less than a couple of years old, it will be much less expensive to repair it than replace it.

If it's out of warranty, getting it fixed at a Batteries Plus Bulbs will provide you with a NEW warranty on the parts and workmanship. With local tablet or cell phone repair, you won’t have to wonder if all your priceless photos, videos, songs and contacts got transferred from your old device to your new one. And repairing is much more environmentally friendly than disposing of your old device.

So, as you can see, most of the time it makes a lot more sense to just let a professional handle your cell phone screen repair, battery replacement or fixes to broken power button, speakers, microphones and so on. After all, why spend the money to replace a broken device, when your old one can be as good as new?

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