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Keep Track of Your Car's Health with the Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 1/29/2021

Nonda vehicle monitor and phone display the associated app

Car trouble can completely derail your plans and send you scrambling to find a mechanic. If you've been burned by engine issues before, you might be asking yourself, how can I check the health of my car before it becomes a problem? Today we're going to be showcasing the ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini from Nonda. This car performance monitor allows you to keep tabs on your engine health, read and clear vehicle error codes, log your annual mileage and much, much more.

Monitor Your Engine Health

The Health Monitor works on most vehicles manufactured after 1996. Simply plug it directly into your car's OBD-II (on-board diagnostics) port, then easily sync it to the free iOS/Android ZUS app on your phone. From there, you scan your engine to detect any potential issues, track the voltage of your battery over time and set it up to send real-time alerts whenever an issue is detected.

Clear Error Codes

You know how your check engine light sometimes goes on for no reason? Getting rid of this usually involves a trip to the mechanic, which ends up costing you money. The Nonda health monitor will diagnose the problem for you and allow you to clear the error message yourself. Knowing exactly what the problem is means that if you do have to go to the repair shop, you can avoid being charged for unnecessary repairs. If the alert turns out to be insignificant, you can also remove the code yourself without the aid of a mechanic.

Log Your Mileage

Do you need to keep track of mileage for business trips or tax deductions? The health monitor automatically logs your trips and makes it easy to separate business trips from personal driving. Simply swipe right on the app to classify business trips and left to classify personal ones. It even allows you to export IRS compliant documents for tax purposes.

Car Finder

Are you someone who has a hard time finding your car in a busy lot? The health monitor has a solution for that. The compass view on the ZUS app provides you with a GPS locator, allowing you to find your car in seconds.

Driving Behavior Analysis

Driving behavior analysis is another handy feature. The device monitors your driving to identify habits such as speeding that are wasting gas. This can help you save money by using fuel more efficiently.

DIY Repair Guide

Are you a real hands-on type of car owner? The Nonda health monitor makes it easier to fix car issues yourself by providing a do it yourself repair guide  . Once the app detects an error code, it will identify the issue and provide you with a list of potential fixes, complete with step-by-step instructions. Afterward, you can remove the error code and rescan your vehicle to make sure everything is working properly.

Stop waiting for car issues to become a problem and start taking a proactive approach to your car's health. The ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor is available online and at select Batteries Plus locations.

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