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Now Offering Personal Protective Gear For Your Worker Safety Needs

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 9/18/2020

Workers in a warehouse with safety vests

As a business, you rely on Batteries Plus Bulbs to provide you with the products you need to power and light offices, manufacturing facilities and other job sites. Now, we’re taking the next step by providing your employees with the personal protective gear they need to stay safe on the job. There is a wide range of industries ranging from construction to trucking that require personal protective gear. By partnering with us, you’ll enjoy the convenience of consolidating your suppliers, while receiving the same fast, reliable service, discounted pricing and impressive selection you’ve come to expect.

What We Offer

Here are the safety equipment options available in our initial assortment.

High Visibility Safety Vests

Global Glove’s ANSI Type R reflective safety vests help keep your crew safe, day or night, at the workplace or job site. ANSI Type R stands for Roadway use and offers both Class 2 and Class 3 visibility options. Class 2 vests use additional high-visibility materials to help drivers see workers more effectively at greater distances compared to Class 1.

ANSI Class 3 vests use background, retroreflective and combined-performance materials on the sleeves to help make workers more visible against complex backgrounds or when moving.

We offer Type R Class 2 non-LED safety vests (available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large). If you’re looking for a higher visibility option for night work, we offer vests with incorporated LED lighting. Safety vests in this category include one Type R Class 2 LED safety vest (Medium, Large, X-Large) and one Type R Class 3 LED safety vest (Medium, Large, X-Large). Check out our full assortment now.

Safety Glasses with UV Protection

Looking for lightweight, comfortable eye protection that can stand up to repeated use? Our anti-fogging safety glasses feature an anti-scratch coating, UV protection and come in two styles, Dorado and Torrent. The Dorado features a full frame style that meets military ballistics rating specs and features comfort-fit rubber temples and nose pieces to help prevent slipping. The Torrent frameless safety glasses feature a flame resistant foam lining which provides a seal against airborne particles and debris.

Safety Gloves

We offer a variety of safety work gloves in various sizes designed for a wide range of industries, including truck driving, assembly, construction, cold weather uses and more. Whether you’re protecting against abrasion or impact, or require gloves with a waterproof design, breathability, bare-hand sensitivity, grip enhancement (available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large), reinforced fingertips or other safety features, we have you covered.

Our gloves are manufactured from a variety of superior materials such as premium leather sewn with DuPont Kevlar (Small, Medium, Large, X-Large), 3M Thinsulate and Cold Keep technology (Medium, Large, X-Large) to provide your crew with the protection they deserve.

Hearing Protection

Batteries Plus Bulbs offers the best hearing protection for construction, manufacturing, assembly, demolition, machine operation, welding, sanitation and more. Protect your team with lightweight, comfortable over-the-head earmuffs or cap-mounted earmuffs. Both options are ideal for high-noise areas, or for protecting your workers when they’re performing a single task involving high-decibel sounds.

LED Road Flares

Aervoe® LED road flares are the perfect way to protect teams working on roads, highways, accidents, construction zones and more. These non-toxic flares are smokeless, flameless, crushproof, waterproof and visible for up to two miles. They also feature a heavy duty N35 magnet attached to the bottom, which allows them to be attached to any ferrous surface or to the Aervoe Cone Adapters (sold separately) for increased visibility. They’re also available in the following three varieties:

Classic Flare

The classic non-rechargeable flare is available in two types: yellow with amber LEDs or orange with red LEDs. Both types are available in a 1-pack or 4-pack option.

Universal Flare

The Universal rechargeable flare comes in either yellow with amber LEDs or orange with red LEDs. Both varieties are available in a 4-pack with a charging stand or a 6-pack with a charging case.

Super Flare

The Super rechargeable flare comes in either yellow with amber LEDs or orange with red LEDs. Both varieties are available in a 1-pack with an included charger or a 4-pack with a charging case and 2 flex-fit tripods with a magnet to elevate flares.

Portable Speed Bumps

These lightweight, portable, non-skid speed bumps from Aervoe® are the perfect way to protect your crew on roads, highways and other high-traffic areas. They are both super durable and impact resistant and come in regular high-visibility yellow or with added LED lighting. Plus, each comes with its own durable storage bag for easy transport. Great for use in school zones, warehouse floors, parking lots, checkpoints and more.

Stay Cool Towels

Keep your workers safe from heat stress with cooling antimicrobial towels from Global Glove. These reusable towels help cool the skin to keep your crew refreshed for up to six hours per use. They’re also machine washable, allowing you to save in the long run. We currently offer a lime green/high-visibility cooling towel and a blue cooling towel option. Both are great for construction, manufacturing, outdoor activities, demolition and landscaping.

We’re excited to offer these important safety items to both you and your employees. Check out our full assortment of safety equipment online. As a business customer, you’ll receive the same great perks you’re used to. Don’t have a business account? Sign up for free today and receive fast, local delivery, competitive volume pricing and other money- and time-saving benefits.