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The Importance of Backing Up Your Business

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 9/6/2019

Computers are a vital part of our day-to-day, both at work and at home. When you own a business or are in charge of its systems, the equipment, data and customer experience are your responsibility. What happens when information is lost, either temporarily or permanently, due to a short-term or sustained power outage?

Fortunately, on-site battery backup devices can save critical data in the event of an unexpected loss of power. There is a range of Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems available, and your solution will depend on your specific storage needs and power demands.

Having the right system in place can keep you from losing the use of your computers or phone system. It will also allow you to save your current work, stay connected to time-sensitive data and maintain your online connection; never losing communication with your team, customers, clients or suppliers.

How do I keep my business running without interruption?

Although other back-up options exist, like off-site or cloud-based services, many businesses that need to maintain near-zero downtime for on-site systems require a UPS to keep them running during shorter outages. (Think telecommunications and other critical devices that rely on continuous power.) Even for longer outages, in places like hospitals, before diesel generators can kick in to take over the power supply, there is a short time (usually 10-15 seconds) where the UPS will keep things running without a glitch. Even if power is lost for just a second, mission-critical systems and devices can malfunction and create major problems.

A UPS unit requires a functioning Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery to operate. So, if the battery is dead, the whole backup system is useless. Because many of these systems lie dormant for months at a time, it's easy for users to completely forget about the batteries that power their UPS system. Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise owners see this firsthand and can attest to the importance of making sure customers have properly functioning batteries for their backup devices. Denver franchise owner Stephen Wiles recalls the first time he received a request for this type of battery:

Quote SignIt started when we got a call one Saturday for batteries that no one else had. We happened to have what they needed, so we delivered them to the location and helped a local phone tech install them. I then became friends with the telecommunications director for 3 hospitals in Denver. We now do a lot of business just replacing old batteries in existing units and selling new units here and there as the demand increases."

Besides phone systems and switches at hospitals, other medical facilities also often rely on heating and cooling units to preserve temperature-sensitive medication. Virginia-based Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise owner Bob Allan says one of his clients had such needs:

Quote SignWe sold and installed a robust Smart APC UPS system at a medical clinic that houses extremely valuable vaccines in their refrigeration units. They needed a solution that would guarantee that their units will never stop running, regardless of an outage, or the repercussions would be unimaginable."

Many other businesses like banks, schools and other small businesses also depend on backup power during an outage. Brandon Boozer, a franchise owner in Oklahoma, remarks on the increase in demand among his commercial and retail customers:

Quote SignWe primarily target phone system installers and schools. However, personal usage is also on the rise now that everyone realizes the importance of backing up all of their data. Once I talk to customers about their needs, they are happy to invest in a UPS system and a quality battery to power it."

Stay prepared for storms and outages throughout the year by checking your battery backup power system today. If you need assistance or advice, our experts can help. Find the store nearest you.