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The Business of Lighting

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 12/10/2018

Lighting to Consider As the Days Grow Shorter

The days are still getting shorter. And shorter days mean that your employees and customers are visiting or leaving at dusk or in the dark. Make sure your entrances, walkways and parking lots are well lit, for their safety and security, and yours, too. Let's explore how.

Parking Lots

Is there enough light, covering all of your space, right up to the front walk? Is the light bright enough? Have you switched over to LED bulbs for cost and energy savings?

Walkway Lights

Ensure visibility of walkway edges, or bumps along the way. Make sure the walk to your door is a safe one!

Entrance Lights

Highlight your main doorway so folks know where to go! A well-lit entrance is an inviting (and safe) entrance.

Lighting on Your Building

Not only can building lighting accentuate any architectural details, but it helps keep your perimeter safe, too. And similar to a well-lit front door, lighting on the outside of your building can help lead people to where you are.

Not sure what you need?

Shop our impressive selection of bulbs and fixtures today, or contact us   and a business-to-business consultant will be happy to do a free on-site assessment to determine your needs. Then, we'll work with you to add or adjust any lighting to make sure your business is as bright as it needs to be.

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