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The Business of Lighting: Interior Spaces

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 2/25/2019

Interior office space

The Business of Lighting: Interior Spaces

To those who plan and service workplace lighting scenarios, it won't surprise you to learn that all lighting is not created equal. The lighting you need for your lobby is not the lighting you need for a warehouse is not the lighting you need in an office is not the lighting you need in a stairwell. Choosing the appropriate bulbs and fixtures means a lot. Think cost savings and safety, foremost. Then think about how different tasks require different lighting brightnesses and temperatures. Sign up for a Batteries Plus Bulbs Business Account   and a representative will visit your business - for free - to do an on-site assessment of your needs, suggest improvements and talk about cost savings. It's a win-win.

Public Spaces

Here's where you create the atmosphere that best represents the vibe of your business to your customers. It's the all-important first impression. Will it be warm and cozy? Bright and energetic? Stylish and sleek? Appropriate bulbs and fixtures are the language we use to communicate that message, and it's the first step toward a good customer experience.


Switching to LED lighting in your office will save money and provide even, bright light so that your team can concentrate on the tasks at hand. Switching to LED may even qualify you for utility rebates, depending on your city or municipality. Consider the projects your team works on. Are there a lot of computers in use? Reading that must be done? Plans that need bright lighting without a glare? Make sure your lighting allows everyone to do their job easily and without eye strain.

Warehouse & Industrial

In warehouses and industrial buildings, safety is priority number one. Making sure all areas are well-lit, with no dark corners or tricky shadows, is key to helping your business run well and ensuring the safety of each employee. In these spaces specifically, lighting helps make the most of the space and helps your business run smoothly and seamlessly.

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