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How Contractors Utilize Our Heavy Equipment Batteries

For Professionals - by Bill Petherbridge - updated on 9/19/2023

Caterpillar tractor moving dirt at a work site

Contractors are regularly faced with the challenge of maximizing their productivity though their time may be limited, frequently using complex construction equipment that is often reliant on technology like heavy equipment batteries  . Contractors can't afford to lose money from spending too long on a job or repairing their heavy equipment, making it imperative that their trucks always work properly. If contractors have to waste time on construction fleet maintenance, it could jeopardize the entire project's timeline. Therefore, they need to find a partner to provide them with high-quality battery products, industrial lighting services, and other services necessary to keep things moving smoothly on their job sites.

Batteries Plus   can meet contractors' needs with the heavy equipment batteries that we keep in stock and reliably deliver to many different areas across the country. Contractors who become Batteries Plus Business account members can benefit from our services that can make them more efficient by saving time and money on quality products.

Further, our widespread locations increase the chances that we have a store close to many contractors' work sites. With 700+ stores, Batteries Plus makes it easy for workers to pick up products when a sudden need arises. This allows contractors immediate access to the products they need, preventing further headaches for the contractors   and the other stakeholders in the project.

Weak Batteries Create Problems for Contractors

Given the nature of most contractor work, a failing battery can do more than just make one piece of equipment useless. It jeopardizes many other parts of the project, including the budget, the timeline, and even the safety or legality of the project. If a battery or energy source proves to be unreliable, the contractor could face the following problems:

Reduced Productivity: Workers' productivity can significantly decrease if they cannot rely on their heavy-duty trucks. They may need to wait for replacements, find alternative ways to continue work without the specific equipment, or even work on other tasks temporarily. These disruptions can slow down the pace of work, reduce efficiency, and jeopardize the project's overall success. Therefore, it is paramount that new batteries are delivered to the contractor team as soon as they are needed - or in advance, if possible.

Increased Costs: If batteries cannot be replaced promptly, some equipment may experience downtime, increasing the overall project budget. In some cases, the contractor may need to hire specialized technicians or rent alternative equipment, both of which can strain the project's financial resources. Moreover, extended project timelines due to equipment failure can result in additional labor costs and increased overhead expenses.

Delayed Project Timeline: Dead batteries can lead to project delays as the contractor may need to halt work until the new batteries arrive. Depending on the availability of the necessary batteries, the delay can last for long periods. Delays can disrupt the project schedule, affect subsequent tasks, and cause a contractor to inadvertently breach the contract - possibly incurring financial penalties.

Reputation Damage: Delays and shortcomings related to battery issues may cause clients to lose confidence in the contractor's ability to manage projects effectively and deliver results. Negative word-of-mouth can spread, potentially impacting the contractor's future opportunities and relationships with clients and subcontractors.

To mitigate these challenges, contractors can proactively register for a Batteries Plus Business account. A Business account gives contractors additional protection in unexpected scenarios, as you will have access to local stores with critical power needs in-stock, depending on the battery required and the job location. Additionally, Business account members can bring their used batteries to their nearest Batteries Plus store for recycling. Batteries Plus locations sell the highest quality brand-name batteries and business lighting solutions, so our customers rarely encounter product issues.

Contractors who need to find a reliable partner to help them avoid the consequences of battery failure on a job site should consider Batteries Plus. By registering for a Business account, they can be confident that our excellent selection of products and outstanding service will be there to help them when they need it.

Are you a contractor looking for the best batteries and lighting for your job site? Visit the Batteries Plus website   to see why a Business account is the right option for you!