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What Batteries Plus Can Do for Your Marina or RV Dealership

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 5/11/2022

Night view of a marina

Reliable batteries are crucial to the marine and RV industries. If you operate a marina or RV dealership, you know how important it is to do business with a supplier you can trust. Batteries Plus can provide your business with access to thousands of unique battery and lighting products, while suggesting more efficient solutions that can help cut your energy spending and decrease maintenance time.

Essential Boat & RV Products Available at Batteries Plus

Whether you're a small local business or a nationwide chain with dozens of locations, Batteries Plus has the ability to meet your needs. We have over 700 individual retail locations, together with our own in-house supply chain. This allows us to provide you with the products you want at whatever volume you need. Here is a small preview of the products we have for marinas and RV dealerships:

  • Starting, deep cycle & dual purpose batteries for rental vehicles and retail & service centers
  • Boat & RV battery chargers
  • SLA batteries for UPS backups
  • Battery packs for cordless tools
  • Alkaline batteries for security cameras, keypads, flashlights, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors & more
  • Light bulbs for offices, service centers & retail showrooms
  • Lighting fixtures & ballasts
  • Emergency lighting solutions

Batteries Plus Has Solutions for Your Supply Chain Challenges

Despite recent supply chain challenges, Batteries Plus remains stocked with the essential solutions you need to run your business. Our enormous presence has allowed us to maintain an ample supply of inventory at a time when many retailers are struggling to find what they need. Plus, we have the ability to source additional products from a variety of sources. Looking for a product you can't find anywhere else? Our industry experts can help you find the right solution.

Batteries Plus Provides Custom Solutions for Your Business

At Batteries Plus, we can customize solutions to fit your business' individual needs. That includes everything from local delivery to recycling services. We can also help you cut your costs by recommending more energy-efficient batteries. We've also helped numerous businesses upgrade the lighting in their facilities, often netting them significant savings in the process.

Sign Up for a Batteries Plus Business Account

Sign up for a free Batteries Plus business account   and start saving today. Once you do, you'll be given access to your own personal account representative, who can help you find the most efficient products for your needs. We also offer free virtual and on-site needs assessments designed to help you save even more, plus a variety of additional perks. It's completely free to sign up, so why not take advantage of everything Batteries Plus can do for you and your business?

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