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April is National Car Care Month

Power - by Angela Christopherson - updated on 4/24/2015

Don't Put it Off

While April is typically a time to celebrate the arrival of spring and all that comes along with it, this month is also dedicated to bringing awareness to the care and maintenance of our vehicles with National Car Care Month.

According to a recent consumer survey we conducted, we found that more than half of those surveyed who've had to replace a car battery waited until their battery died before having it replaced. This information had us wanting to shed light on why it's important to have your car battery cared for and tested before it dies. As such, we went ahead and compiled a few simple-to-execute tips on battery care from our experts.

When do you replace your car battery; 53%, when it died; 31%, when getting car serviced; 13% after a certain amount of time; 3%, other reasons

Tips to Extend - Rather than End - Battery Life:

  • Hit the Road. The more you drive your vehicle, the more exercise the battery gets, which ensures it doesn't drain quickly from lack of use.
  • Hot 'n Cold: Which hurts a battery more? You guessed it: the heat. But the cold isn't ideal either so when possible, store your vehicle indoors to extend battery life.
  • Forever Young. While enticing, this is not necessarily true for car batteries. Once your battery starts hedging the five-year mark, it's a good idea to take it in for a test. Luckily, Batteries Plus Bulbs offers free car battery testing at all our locations.
  • Visualize. Sometimes you can tell if your battery needs a boost just by looking at it. So, pop the hood and check it out: if you notice corrosion, slight cracks or exposed liquids on the battery, maintenance is required.
  • Be Prepared. Keep an emergency kit in the car. You should always have a flashlight on hand. Also, jump starters, jump packs and jumper cables provide a valuable backup if your car won’t start.

More Demands

Vehicles today place a lot more demand on the electrical system and battery. Batteries now go beyond starting the vehicle, they supplement power throughout. Battery technology has dramatically improved with several options to best fit your power needs.

Power Demands; A/C, Engine Systems, DVD Players, Sound System, On-Board Computer, Moon Room, Locks, USB Ports, Lights, Backup Camera, Trunk/Hatch Release, Heated Seats, Mirrors, MP3, On-Board Charging, ABS Breaking, Adjustable Steering, Windows, GPS

Recommended Battery Models - from the Experts:

  • X2Power Dual Purpose AGM – Two batteries in one. The best option for vehicles with several power demands such as GPS, Heated Seats, Backup cameras, DVD players or Bluetooth Technology.
  • Duracell Ultra, Platinum AGM – A good option for vehicles with high power demands such as Push to Start or Bluetooth technology.
  • Duracell Ultra, Premium Gold – these are the best flooded option for more power and reliable starts.
  • Duracell Ultra – this car battery offers a two-year replacement warranty and improves car performance.

Visit our site to find the best battery for your car, or stop in to your nearest location. With more than 700 locations across the country, it's easier than ever to get your car battery tested for free with our local experts. And for the 69 percent of respondents who either weren't motivated to get their car battery tested or who took a chance by not replacing it right away after low performance during a test, we hope that National Car Care month can help drive awareness to show your vehicle a little TLC.

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