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What are the Best Solar Lights for My Garden?

Lighting - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 6/4/2021

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Exterior lighting is a must-have for any home. A good lighting scheme will make your house safer and more secure, while highlighting the beauty of garden and landscaping features. Unfortunately, setting this up usually involves the hassle of wiring lights yourself or paying a contractor to do it for you. Bell and Howell's line of solar-powered Disk Lights offer a great alternative. They're affordable, simple to set up and are available at your nearest Batteries Plus.

How Do Solar Garden Lights Work?

Disk Lights use light conversion technology to absorb solar energy. This energy is collected in storage cells where it is converted into a source of electricity that powers the lights. Because of this, no wiring or batteries are needed, making setup a snap. You'll also save on energy costs, since they're powered completely by the sun. Plus, they're environmentally friendly.

Each light contains eight ultra-bright LEDs that can provide light for ten hours. They will also turn on automatically when it gets dark and switch off again in daylight. Or, if you prefer, you can switch them off and on manually.

Where Can I Use Solar Disk Lights?

Disk Lights can be used virtually anywhere in your yard and are great for gardens. Each light has a stake on the bottom for easy mounting in soil. Just press it flat to the ground and you're done.

The stake can also be removed, enabling the light to be laid flat along paths, walkways and nearby hot tubs and swimming pools. Looking to add additional light to a deck or patio? No problem. Disk Lights can be mounted to walls using a simple hook and loop system.

How Long Do Solar Garden Lights Last?

Disk Lights contain durable LEDs that last for ten years. Can you leave solar lights out in the winter? You bet, the housing is made of weatherproof stainless steel. They're also completely lawnmower safe. Once mounted, they sit low enough that you can mow right over them without fear of damaging your lights.

Disk Lights are Available at Batteries Plus

Disk Lights come in sets of four and available in three different colors: silver, slate and gray. Shop for Disk Lights online, then pick them up using our convenient Curbside Pickup service at your nearest Batteries Plus location. Now that you've got your exterior lighting covered, get tips on lighting a home office. Or, shop Batteries Plus' entire selection of lighting solutions, including bulbs, ballasts and fixtures.

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