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How to Determine if Batteries Plus Bulbs is the Best Franchise for You

How to Determine if Batteries Plus Bulbs is the Best Franchise for You

Franchise - by Olivia Chiu - updated on 4/17/2018

Interview with John Twist, VP of Franchise & Business Development

An Interview With John Twist, VP of Franchise & Business Development

John Twist, VP of Franchise & Business Development at Batteries Plus Bulbs, has an impressive 35 years of battery industry experience and has been with the company for 10 years. It's an understatement to say that he is a powerhouse of industry and franchising knowledge. He helps franchisees realize their dreams and has assisted with the signing of over 300 stores. Now, he's here to help you decide if the Batteries Plus Bulbs is the best franchise for you. In this article, John answers some questions he frequently hears.

How do you help a person decide if Batteries Plus Bulbs is the best franchise for them?

"It's important to understand that everyone is an individual. I help each person identify their individual goals, needs, and fears - so I address them. By doing so, it allows them to realize how their values and needs align with our concept. It also helps them to understand how we can help them reach their fullest potential. I know that the decision to own a business isn't arrived at quickly, and I address any questions they may have. I believe in our unique concept. That's demonstrated through my 35 years of battery sales experience and my ten years with Batteries Plus Bulbs. If you have questions, I'm your guy to answer them!"

What are the key advantages of franchising with Batteries Plus Bulbs that you'd want a person to know?

"If you're looking for a business model that you can grow with – and continue to grow with through many revenue streams – Batteries Plus Bulbs is a great fit. We have a unique needs-based, consumable product model with great sustainability. We aren't subject to unexpected changes in consumer preferences, like with food or fashion. We provide retail consumers and businesses with the products and services they need to power their lives. Nobody else does what we do in one place."

What does Batteries Plus Bulbs look like in the future?

"We always want to stay on trend with the products and services that our customers need, which is crucial to sustain and improve our franchisees' growth. We're finding that services, such as phone repair and key fob programming, are a huge opportunity. Customers come to our stores with a problem: something they own doesn't work, and they leave with their problem solved. That's how we create loyal customers that come back over and over. We've had 29 years of consecutive sales growth and 12% growth in store locations over the last three years – and we only expect it to continue. This solidifies that Batteries Plus Bulbs is one of the best franchises to own."

Who's the best person to own a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise?

"In all my years of franchise development, I've worked with a variety of individuals and backgrounds. You don't need to be an expert in electrical engineering or have battery, light bulb, or technical knowledge. You do need the desire to learn and use the tools available to succeed. If you're looking for a challenge, want to take control of your career path, and be your own boss – Batteries Plus Bulbs could be a great option for you."

John Twist is an expert in the field and would be happy to assist you in exploring Batteries Plus Bulbs as your next business venture. Get in touch by filling out this form, or call 866-855-8577.