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Recent Articles

How to Determine if Batteries Plus Bulbs is the Best Franchise for You

Franchise - by Olivia Chiu - updated on 4/17/2018

If you're thinking about opening your own franchise, there's a lot to consider. How will you know that you're making the right choice? John Twist of the Franchise Development team can help steer you in the right direction and shares who'd be a great fit for our franchise opportunity.

Seeing Things In a Different Light

Lighting - by David Neubert - updated on 7/26/2017

Light bulbs come in a vast range of color temperatures, providing many options to choose from when lighting the rooms in your home.The three primary types of color temperature for light bulbs are: Soft White, Bright White/Cool White, and Daylight...

Choosing the Perfect Lighting for Art Décor

Lighting - by Alex Schoenbeck - updated on 5/20/2016

If you're confused about what lighting to choose to highlight your artwork in the home, you wouldn't be the first. Perusing the array of lighting options available can be overwhelming, and we're guessing you probably have a few questions about what to get...

Enter the Drone Zone – Infographic

Tech - by Chris - updated on 3/4/2016

Drones are significant investments, whether one opts for the DIY route or a "ready to fly" kit and there are a number of things users must consider before and after purchasing a drone. The Importance of Using a High-Quality Battery...

Broken Phone? Repair Instead of Replace!

Tech - by Angela Christopherson - updated on 2/4/2016

Studies say about 30% of iPhone users will damage their phones within the first year. If your device is less than a couple of years old, it will be much less expensive to repair it than replace it...

Lighting Tips for a Media Room

Lighting - by Chris - updated on 1/29/2016

Excitement is building in advance of one of the biggest sporting events in America. Now is the time to start prepping your media room for the perfect championship party. You've planned out the dips, snacks, beverages, and seating arrangements for optimal viewing pleasure, but have you thought about the lighting?...

Channel Your Inner Craftsman: Garage to Workshop Transformation

Lighting - by Irina Becker - updated on 8/14/2015

The garage is an often cramped and dusty mess, filled with last year's Christmas decorations and random boxes labeled, "1989." With the maker movement in full swing, folks everywhere are channeling their inner craftsman and trying their hands at 'making' instead of buying...

April is National Car Care Month

Power - by Angela Christopherson - updated on 4/24/2015

We want to shed light on why it's important to have your car battery cared for and tested before it dies. As such, we went ahead and compiled a few simple-to-execute tips on battery care from our experts...

Crank It Up

Power - by David Neubert - updated on 1/16/2015

It is important that our car batteries possess the starting power needed to rev up our engines under any condition, cold or hot. Understanding the terminology that describes these vital battery properties could mean the difference between being stranded in the cold, or wasting money on a battery you don't need...

If It's Broke, Fix It

Tech - by David Neubert - updated on 12/26/2014

And although many of us already have functioning smartphones and tablets, it's natural to want to upgrade to the latest and greatest versions and models available. Especially if we have a cracked screen or a volume button that doesn't work, it's convenient to justify "needing" a replacement...