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Powering Alarms and Security Systems

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 3/6/2019

Businesses are smart to invest in the best quality security systems. It only makes sense to have backup batteries and battery systems in place and available to keep that system up and running at its full potential.

The Business of Lighting: Interior Spaces

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 2/25/2019

All indoor lighting is not created equal. Choosing the right bulbs and fixtures means a lot; take into consideration wattage, temperature and color. Batteries Plus Bulbs can show you how to light different areas for each appropriate task and function.

We've Got This! Finding those Hard-to-Find Products.

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 2/4/2019

Finding those hard-to-find replacement batteries and bulbs for your electronics and lighting fixtures is our specialty! Read more about how Batteries Plus Bulbs will help you make easy work of what might be a tricky replacement project.

Building the Perfect Partnership

Franchise - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 1/31/2019

Jeff and Luci Orr and Todd and Amy Olson are Batteries Plus Bulbs owners who have found success operating their franchises as couples. Read more to learn about the advantages of owning a franchise as a couple, plus how they've combined their unique talents into a formidable team.

Keep Business Moving with Generator Batteries & Surge Protectors

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 1/10/2019

Generators need to be operational 100% of the time. Your data and systems need to be protected, too. Read more about choosing a solid generator battery that will meet the needs of your business if the power fails, and about surge protectors and APC Back-UPS that will keep your data safe.

Celebrating Long Running Owners

Franchise - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 1/10/2019

Bob Allan and Mary Pelach are two long-term Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise owners who have distinguished themselves as models of sustainable success. Read more to hear about what drew them to Batteries Plus Bulbs, as well as the importance of giving back to the communities they serve and how they've continued to grow and evolve over the years.

Owners Give Back

Franchise - by Mary Williams - updated on 12/11/2018

In this season of giving, those doing the giving deserve thanks, and highlighting those franchise owners who go above and beyond is a great way to do it. Steve Cooper, Cesar Marin and Rolando Torres are three such owners. The ways they step up to help others is an inspiration. Read more about their efforts.

The Business of Lighting

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 12/10/2018

Business owners and property managers, let’s talk lighting! Shorter days mean it’s time to make sure your parking lots, walkways and entrances are well-lit, both for your staff and your customers. Need suggestions? We can help.

Ready, Set, Start! Car & Truck Batteries Need to Work the First Time, Every Time.

Power - by Mary Williams - updated on 12/6/2018

You turn the key and the car starts, just like that, no hesitation. Seems like a lot to ask for when the snow is swirling and the temperature is hovering around zero. But the world doesn’t stop for the wind chill, and you’ve got places to be. Can your car handle it? If you’re not sure, we can help!

Veterans are a Good Fit for Franchise Ownership

Franchise - by Mary Williams - updated on 11/5/2018

Service. Knowledge. Discipline. Traits that guarantee success in the branches of our nation’s armed forces are the very same traits that can contribute to a person’s success as a business owner. That’s why veterans see a great opportunity with Batteries Plus Bulbs.