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Fluorescent Light Bulbs - Glass Categories

Find a wide range of fluorescent lighting options at Batteries Plus Bulbs: linear tube, u-bend, circline lamps, high output (HO) and very high output (VHO) lamps, T5, T8, F32T8 and many more from trusted brands.

Fluorescent Tube and Lamp Color Temperature

Let us help you choose the right color temperature of fluorescent lighting for your home or business. We’ll get you the best bulb for your retail business - one that accentuates your products and attracts customers. We’ll also make sure you have the proper light bulb in any room to better accent your home furnishing. We offer fluorescent lights in color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K and beyond. Talk to one of our bulb experts to find the best solution for your lighting needs.

Business Use

Are you ready to re-lamp your business office or warehouse? We offer volume packaging options with competitive pricing.

Fluorescent Tube Legislation

Many of our customers are responding to the call for more efficient lighting. As some fluorescent tube lights are being discontinued, due to federal legislation, accurate information on your options is needed to make an educated decision. Contact your local store to have a lighting expert analyze your lighting needs and provide you the best options to meet your short and long term goals.


Batteries Plus Bulbs is a leader in recycling your fluorescent tubes, and spent ballasts. Our experts will make sure all recycling is properly executed and aid in proper disposal of non-recyclable bulbs in an environmentally safe manner.