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Sola 05601100017500 UPS Batteries

Making sure the battery for your Sola UPS battery backup is in peak condition is essential for making the most of the device. A UPS with a dead battery won’t be able to keep any equipment powered, meaning you’re at risk of losing data or damaging your electrical equipment during a power surge or unexpected shutdown. Batteries Plus Bulbs offers only the highest performing, top-quality UPS batteries around. Take a look at all of the options available for your Sola UPS

2V 5AH Cyclon X Battery Sola 05601100017500 UPS
  • Replaces original Hawker X battery
  • Can be assembled into battery packs - contact your local store
  • 15 year design life
Brand: Cyclon
Voltage: 2
Lead Acid Type: General Purpose
Capacity: 5AH
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Power in Any Situation

You rely on your Sola 05601100017500 UPS to keep your equipment running in the event of a power outage, whether it’s from a storm or an overloaded power grid. With a battery from Batteries Plus Bulbs, you can count on your UPS to provide the power you need no matter what happens.

Keep Your Data Safe

If your Sola 05601100017500 UPS doesn’t work properly when the power goes out, you’re putting yourself at risk for data loss. An unexpected power surge or blackout could erase hours of hard work. In an office, this means wasted dollars. At home, it’s frustrating, at best. You can keep your UPS up and running with a reliable battery from Batteries Plus Bulbs.

UPS Battery Recycling

Batteries Plus Bulbs is also an industry leader for battery recycling of lead acid, AGM, SLA, Gel, VRLA, NiCd (non-liquid) and NiMH (non-liquid) batteries. You can drop off dead batteries at your nearest store – they’re all battery recycling drop-off points. You can also learn more about our recycling programs. Have more questions? Contact us or visit your nearest store.