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Chatterbox HJC-60 Two Way Radio Batteries

When you need to stay connected out in the field, you need a reliable two-way radio battery for your unit. We know that having a dependable battery in your two-way radio can save lives. Batteries Plus Bulbs is your trusted source for a wide selection of radio batteries, from high capacity lithium ion, to dependable NiMH and NiCd packs. Volume purchasing programs are available. Please contact your local store.

Chatterbox HJC-60 Two Way Radio 800MAH Flat Top Cell
  • Nuon brand
  • Pack building services available in store
  • Nickel Metal Hydride provides longer runtime than nickel cadmium options
Brand: Nuon
Voltage: 1.2
Format: AAA Tech Cell
Capacity: 800MAH
In Stock at Ashburn

Tips to extend the life of your Chatterbox radio battery:

  • Proper charging will help to keep your battery operating at full power.
  • Remove the battery from the charger when charging is complete.
  • Continuous charging of the battery will reduce the life of the battery.
  • Store the radio and battery in a dry place at or below room temperature without exposure to direct sunlight.


Batteries Plus Bulbs is also an industry leader for two way radio, FRS, and land mobile radio battery recycling. Each Batteries Plus Bulbs location is a drop-off point for battery recycling. Learn more about our recycling programs for consumers and businesses.

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