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Choose DURACELL® ULTRA AGM for your Rizzato Motorcycle

The DURACELL® ULTRA AGM product line raises the standard for performance in even the most extreme conditions.
  • Maintenance-free - sealed design eliminates leakage
  • Lasts longer - superior vibration and heat resistance
  • Easy to install - top and front mount threaded terminals
  • Reserve Capacity - Pure calcium lead plates improve ability to power accessories
  • Increased Cranking Power - Thin plate design provides more starting power
  • Compatible with any powersport charger
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by a 24-Month Full Replacement Warranty

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Rizzato Motorcycle Battery

  • Don’t forget the charger! One of the leading causes of battery failure for powersport batteries is neglect.
  • Off-season battery maintenance will provide you extended run-time and lifetime.
  • Motorcycle batteries work best when the charge is maintained.
  • Do not store the battery in a discharged state.

Rizzato Motorcycle Battery Recycling

Batteries Plus Bulbs is also an industry leader for motorcycle battery recycling. Each Batteries Plus Bulbs location is a drop-off point for battery recycling. Learn more about our recycling programs for consumers and businesses.

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