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Z-Lightning Yumbo Scooter Electric Bike and Scooter Batteries

If your Z-Lightning Yumbo Scooter electric bike isn’t giving you the range it used to, it might be time to replace its battery. Batteries Plus Bulbs has a wide variety of scooter and e-bike batteries that will give your ride new life. Just look for your specific model, then pick the battery you want.

  • 12 month free replacement warranty
  • More reliable starting power than conventional batteries
  • Lasts longer in extreme temperatures than conventional batteries
Brand: Xtreme
Voltage: 12
Lead Acid Type: Starting
Cold Cranking Amps: 90
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Reliable Power for Reliable Vehicles

Electric bikes are a reliable source of transportation. With a new battery from Batteries Plus Bulbs, you can expect the same level of reliability. Our high capacity, replacement batteries will get your Z-Lightning Yumbo Scooter scooter moving again and keep it running for a long time.

Electric Bike and Scooter Battery Recycling

Batteries Plus Bulbs is proud to be an industry leader in battery recycling. That’s why we have an extensive recycling program to help reduce waste and environmental hazards. Stop by your local store and ask an associate what your area’s regulations are regarding Z-Lightning Yumbo Scooter e-bike batteries. If you’re having trouble finding a battery for your electric bike, visit your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store and ask an associate for help. They’ll help you find the perfect battery for your bike based on your needs and budget.