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Leica M7 Digital Camera Batteries

Never miss that perfect shot again! With a reliable digital camera battery from Batteries Plus Bulbs, you can count on your camera being ready for all of life’s special moments. Whether you’re using an ultra-compact camera, a pocket camera, or a top-of-the-line digital SLR, our powerful replacement batteries will keep your camera running so you can snap a picture whenever the moment strikes.

1/3N Duracell Lithium 3V Battery Leica M7 Digital Camera
  • Trusted Duracell brand
  • DuraLOCK Technology - lasts 10 years in storage
  • Reliable, long-lasting power
Brand: Duracell
Voltage: 3
Format: 1/3N, 2L76
Capacity: 160MAH
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Energizer Lithium 3V Battery Leica M7 Digital Camera
  • Leak resistant construction
  • Used in watches, toys, glucose monitors and calculators
  • Leica M7 Digital Camera
Brand: Energizer
Voltage: 3
Format: 1/3N, 2L76
Capacity: 160MAH
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A Perfect Battery for Every Moment

Whether you’re an amateur photographer capturing the memories of your favorite vacation or a professional wedding photographer capturing a couple’s happiest moments, you can depend on our selection of camera batteries to power your Leica M7 camera. For extended shooting sessions, you can even keep some extra batteries on hand, just in case.

Choosing the Right Digital Camera Battery

While some cameras rely on proprietary batteries from the manufacturer, others can use standard sizes that you’d use with other common electronic appliances. Choosing the right battery for your Leica camera is essential for making sure it’s got the power it needs to preserve every memory

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Leica M7 Camera Battery

Having a reliable battery for your camera means that you’ll always be ready to take a picture, and you can make sure your battery lasts even longer with these tips:

  • Do not store the battery on the charger
  • Keep the battery in a dry place and avoid extreme temperatures


Batteries Plus Bulbs is an industry leader for rechargeable digital camera battery recycling. Learn more about our recycling programs for consumers and businesses or ask an associate at your nearest store.