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  • Introducing X2Power Portable Power Stations

    Packed with all the right features & 3 sizes to cover all your on-the-go power needs. 

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  • Batteries Plus Has Your Phone Covered

    Batteries Plus delivers expert phone repairs and premium battery replacements for seamless device performance, catering to a wide range of phones including iPhone and Samsung models.

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  • Competitive Battery &
    Lighting for Schools

    Batteries Plus Business program offers competitive pricing on key battery & lighting products most applicable to K-12 and Higher Ed campuses.

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Have old batteries or bulbs?

Help the Planet by Recycling

Batteries Plus is dedicated to helping the environment by offering a multitude of recycling services for our customers. Whether you have one old battery sitting in your garage or you own a business that has a pallet of batteries, we have a solution for you to make your lives easier while helping the planet.

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glowing edges of a new x2power power station

Introducing the New X2Power Portable Power Stations

Batteries Plus is excited to introduce the newest power accessory for your home, the X2Power lithium portable power stations! With three sizes to choose from there is a power station for everyone. From the camper to the prepper, there's power for us all.

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Used auto batteries

What is a Core Charge for Batteries?

Buying a new car battery means paying a core deposit. This refundable deposit is there for a great reason, to encourage recycling, and is required by law in many states. Continue reading to learn more about this change and how to get your deposit back.

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Marine deep cycle battery with a battery tester on a counter

What is a deep-cycle battery?

Deep-cycle batteries are becoming more and more common, but what exactly is a deep-cycle battery? They're used in boats, RVs, wheelchairs and so much more. Learn everything about these batteries. From the different types to proper charging techniques.

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Duracell Marine battery sitting on a beach

How Do I Protect My Battery From Saltwater?

The ocean has some of the best fishing and watersports in the world. Saltwater can wreak havoc on your boat's batteries if you're not careful. Keep reading to learn more about why saltwater damages your battery and what you can do to prevent damage.

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Yellow jeep driving down a desert road

How Far Do I Need to Drive to Charge My Car Battery?

Driving habits have more impact on your car battery's life than you think. Learn how long you need to drive in order to fully charge your battery to keep it happy and healthy. Plus, get answers to your other vehicle battery questions.

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3 different sized sla batteries

SLA Batteries: The Trusty Powerhouse Hiding in Your Devices

At home or at the office, you probably have an SLA battery powering something important. Keep reading to learn about these incredibly common batteries, what they are used for and how Batteries Plus can help you or your business with your SLA needs.

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