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    Keep Batteries Plus Business in mind for your spring maintenance work, offering reliable battery solutions to keep your equipment running smoothly.

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    This National Battery Day, win a spectacular battery prize for you and a teacher of your choice! Join our celebration, and let's power up the future together—one battery at a time.

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    Batteries Plus offers expert cell phone repair and premium battery replacements for iPhone, Samsung, and more, ensuring smooth performance.

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Help the Planet by Recycling

Batteries Plus is dedicated to helping the environment by offering a multitude of recycling services for our customers. Whether you have one old battery sitting in your garage or you own a business that has a pallet of batteries, we have a solution for you to make your lives easier while helping the planet.

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A wave runner air bound in a body of water

Get Your Batteries Ready for Warm Weather Adventures

Start spring off on the right foot by making sure your spring, warm weather equipment batteries are in tip-top shape for the season. Follow these few tips to ensure a healthy battery all year round until you tuck your toys away again for the winter.

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National Battery Day. Two people on ATVs in a field

How Do You Celebrate National Battery Day?

National Battery Day is the perfect time to test your batteries. Use our handy checklist to check the batteries in your car, phone, carbon monoxide and home emergency kit. Plus, learn how easy it is to recycle dead batteries at Batteries Plus.

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A person on a riding lawn mower kicking up grass

Spring Lawn & Garden Battery Maintenance Tips

Spring will be here before you know it. Make sure your lawn mower is ready for the first cut of the season by familiarizing yourself with these helpful tips. Learn battery maintenance and regular mower maintenance tips by reading our latest article.

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Two guys in a golf cart

How to Buy the Best Golf Cart Batteries

It's that time of year again. Time to take the golf carts out of storage and get them ready for the new golf season. Learn the easy tips and tricks needed to ensure you are buying the best batteries for your golf carts to save you time and money.

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Two people walking across ice with fishing gear

Top 10 Ice Fishing Essentials

Do you have all of the equipment for a safe and fun ice fishing trip? From fishing gear to safety equipment, there's a lot that you should have. Check out our top ten essential pieces of equipment that you need before you head out on the ice.

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White car driving toward the sun

What is Start/Stop?

These days vehicles with start-stop, or auto-stop systems are so common that you more than likely have driven a car or truck with it equipped. What exactly is it and why is it used? Learn all about the systems and more in our latest blog post.

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