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Using touchless sanitizer

Batteries Plus Can Help You Power a Cleaner, Safer Facility

Looking to create a more sanitary facility? Batteries Plus can help you incorporate hands-free faucets, hand sanitizer stations and other touchless tech into your facility. Plus, we can supply you with the batteries you need to keep them powered.

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Man in green shirt looking at car battery

Can You Revive a Completely Dead Car Battery?

Do you have a vehicle that won’t start? Learn what happens when a car battery discharges and how it can lead to sulfation. Get tips on how to recover a sulfated battery and find out how long a battery can remain idle before its charge begins to drop.

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Marine charger dropping into water

How Does an Onboard Battery Charger Work on a Boat?

Are you looking for an easier way to charge your marine batteries? An onboard charger might be the answer. Get valuable tips on how to find the right onboard charger for your needs, including our top three suggestions.

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Replacing an old car battery

How to Dispose of Car Batteries Safely

Do you have an old auto battery you’re not sure what to do with? Bring it to Batteries Plus where it can be recycled properly. Learn more about our battery recycling program, including how much of your battery’s materials can be repurposed.

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