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Xtreme® Batteries

If you own an ATV, motorcycle, boat, jet ski, or snowmobile, Batteries Plus is your power source. We carry a full line of Xtreme batteries for all of these applications and offer one of the most complete product lines, including:

• Xtreme motorcycle batteries
• Xtreme ATV batteries
• Xtreme snowmobile batteries
• Xtreme personal watercraft batteries

Not only do we carry Xtreme PermaSeal batteries (Xtreme sealed AGM battery types), we also carry a wide variety of Xtreme flooded batteries. Even when navigating rougher terrain, you can depend on Xtreme batteries to keep you going. Xtreme motorcycle batteries (AGM) are resistant to vibration and high heat, assuring reliability and performance. Engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications for exact fit and power needs, this maintenance-free and non-spillable battery is guaranteed to be perfect fit for you and your motorcycle.

Batteries Plus' full line of flooded high-performance Xtreme motorcycle batteries are equipped with the cranking power you require. They feature a polypropylene case designed to withstand cracking and include precision machined plugs to protect against spills, corrosion, and seepage. Our Xtreme watercraft and ATV batteries are just as reliable. They are guaranteed to provide you with superior dependability in the widest selection of manufacturers.

Recycling and Contact Information

Batteries Plus is also an industry leader for Xtreme battery recycling. Each Batteries Plus location is a drop-off point for battery recycling. Learn more about our recycling programs for consumers and businesses.

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