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X2Power® batteries are perfect for many different applications. Batteries Plus Bulbs is the exclusive source for these batteries. X2Power batteries are built with leading-edge, AGM technology to provide improved performance and reliability over traditional lead acid batteries.

  • X2Power Batteries are proudly manufactured in the USA.
  • Advanced AGM (absorbed glass mat) construction means no need to add water to the battery.
  • Spill-proof design can be installed in any orientation except inverted.
  • Low internal resistance provides a very high discharge and recharging rates.
  • Designed with advanced engineered plastics to withstand vibration and heat.
  • Longer service life and a higher-rate of efficiency
  • X2 Power batteries come with an Extended National Warranty.


    Boat owners demand two things from their battery for on-board power:
  • Guaranteed start every time to get back to shore
  • Adequate power to run trolling motors and all other on-board accessories

    To meet these requirements, boat owners need:
  • A Starting Battery
  • A Deep Cycle Battery

X2Power batteries’ pure lead dual-purpose design has the high-cranking power needed to start boat motors. It also enables cycling capabilities for running trolling motors and on-board accessories such as depth finders, fish finders, radios, radar, lights and coolers. So just one X2Power battery does the job of two separate starting and deep-cycle batteries.

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Car and Truck

X2 Power Car and Truck Battery
Today’s vehicles have more electronics and accessories than ever before. These accessories require power even when the vehicle is not running. X2Power batteries deliver the power needed when your vehicle isn't running, while leaving plenty of starting power for your SUV, light truck, van, mini-van, luxury, or sport vehicle.

Off-Road Vehicles
Going off the beaten path in your 4X4, SUV or light truck can lead to a rough ride. This can cause damaging shock and vibration to your battery. X2Power batteries’ rugged dry-cell design can withstand the shock and vibration generated from off-road vehicles.

Classic Vehicles
Whether you are collector or just charish your vehicle, X2Power batteries are designed for reliable starts even if left dormant for up to two years (battery must be fully charged when vehicle is first stored).

High Performance Vehicles
Muscle and racing vehicles with high horsepower and compression demand superior starting power. X2Power batteries have remarkable starting power that provides greater and longer cranking power than you get with conventional batteries.

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Heavy Duty Commercial

X2 Power Heavy Duty BatterySemi-Trucks
Your rig has many on-board accessories in use even when the engine is not running. With no-idling laws, you need a battery that can run these accessories and still have plenty of power to start the engine. X2Power batteries can power your on-board accessories with the engine off and still provide reliable starting power when you are ready to hit the road.

Emergency Response
Police cruisers, fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles need starting power when it counts. X2Power batteries can handle the accessory loads on emergency vehicles and still have the required starting power when it matters most.

Buses and RVs
Buses and RVs have a number of power-draining accessories that are taking power even when the vehicle is not in use. X2Power batteries can handle the power-draining accessories and still have plenty of power to start your bus or RV.

Construction/Farming Equipment
X2Power batteries are designed to handle the shock and vibration that occur during construction and farming-equipment use. When your equipment has been sitting on idle for a long period of time (up to two years), the X2Power battery has the reserve power to start your equipment (battery must be fully charged when vehicle is first stored).

Delivery Vehicles
Cargo Vans and Box Trucks make dozens of starts and stops throughout a long workday. X2Power batteries have the starting power and reserve capacity to handle even the most demanding delivery routes.

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