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Werker® Batteries

Choosing a sealed lead acid battery can be a confusing, so let Batteries Plus Bulbs help you find the right battery to power your device. Our line of Werker batteries are the top choice for business and consumer needs. We also carry quality original equipment products from Powersonic, Cyclon, Genesis NP, B&B Batteries and more.

Use our SLA Battery Guide for help in finding the best battery for your application.

SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Batteries
SLA batteries have been known by many names since they were commercially introduced in the early 1980s. All SLA batteries have three common traits: internal pressure regulation through valve construction, immobilized electrolytes and oxygen recombination. At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we segregate SLA batteries between AGM or Gel types.

AGM ( Absorbed Glass Mat ) Batteries
AGM Batteries are the most common type of SLA batteries in the market. In an AGM battery, the electrolyte is immobilized in a porous and absorbent microfiber glass mat. This mat is wrapped around the plates in the battery and facilitates the chemical reaction that creates the energy in the battery. AGM batteries can be designed to offer unique discharge characteristics to meet deep discharge, fast discharge or slow discharge needs.

GEL ( Gelled Electrolyte ) Batteries
Gel batteries, also known as gelled electrolyte or gel cell, are primarily designed for deep discharge/deep cycle applications. The electrolyte in a gel battery is fairly obvious – a gelatin-like, sulfuric acid mixture that it infused into the battery and “spread” over the plates to facilitate the chemical reaction.

Batteries Plus Bulbs offers the top SLA battery brands in the market; Werker, Power-Sonic, Cyclon, Genesis NP, Power Wheel, Rayovac, B&B and more.

We have the complete line of Werker AGM batteries. Choose from the primary line of Werker batteries for everyday use in your security or alarm system, exit or emergency light or small UPS. Werker deep-cycle (DC) batteries are built to maintain their high capacity and resist damage caused by deep discharge cycles in applications like wheelchairs and mobility scooters. A Werker high-rate (HR) battery is perfect for critical standby power applications and UPS (uninterrupted power systems).

Our Gel SLA batteries are recognized for their ability to perform in consistent deep-cycling applications without capacity loss. These batteries will maintain their high capacity with a design that is resistant to damage caused by deep discharge and vibration in applications from boats to marine use. Gel technology offers the distinct advantage of optimized cycle life through constant electrolyte-to-plate contact.

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Recycling and Contact Information

Batteries Plus Bulbs is also an industry leader for SLA battery recycling. Each Batteries Plus Bulbs location is a drop-off point for battery recycling. Learn more about our recycling programs for consumers and businesses.

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