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Omnidirectional LED Light Bulbs

SWITCH Lighting, the maker of the first true LED replacement for the incandescent light bulb, is an exclusive partner with Batteries Plus Bulbs, offering its state-of-the-art, award-winning, LED light bulb collection through our nationwide network of stores.

As with many LED bulbs, SWITCH LED light bulbs use 85 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than a standard incandescent light bulbs. However, unlike with other manufacturers, Switch bulbs do not suffer from any degradation of light output, still producing the same amount of lumens (brightness) as traditional incandescent bulbs and offering an equally optimal light distribution. SWITCH's LED bulbs also have a patented liquid cooling system that provides best-in-class thermal management. Even with all of these features, including its contemporary, sleek design, the light bulb's screw base still fits into any standard medium-sized socket found in the majority of traditional lamps and fixtures everywhere.

Batteries Plus Bulbs is the only retailer to carry SWITCH LED light bulbs online and in our stores!

Shop now by selecting a bulb below or use our visit one of our nearby locations.

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