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There are four main types of sealed lead acid batteries.Each battery type has been specifically designed to best perform under certain conditions. The harder a battery has to work, the sooner it will fail. Therefore, the type of SLA battery that you should use is based on your application.

General PurposeDeep Cycle • Gel • High Rate/UPS

Gel SLA Batteries are designed for heavy daily use where really deep discharges occur on a regular basis. These are perfect for customers who are constantly using their batteries or would like their batteries to last for an extended period of time.

Gel batteries provide the greatest number of cycles compared to general purpose and even deep cycle batteries. These batteries should never be used for High Rate/UPS Backup as the interior construction is not designed for the type of power needed in these applications. Your local Batteries Plus Bulbs can help to identify the best battery for your needs.

*** Important ***
Gel batteries require a different charging voltage than other SLA batteries.
It is critical to use a charger that is designed to charge Gel batteries.

Common Applications where Gel batteries can be used are Power Wheelchairs & Scooters, Wind Generation, Water Pumping, Remote Monitoring, Floor Scrubbers and Marine & RV House Power

Batteries Plus Bulbs offers Duracell Procell SLA Gel batteries.

Vendor Item
Brand Rated Capacity (20hr) mAh Length (in.) Width (in.) Height (in.) Height over terminal Weight (lbs) Terminal Type
6 Volt
Werker 200 10.24 7.09 9.65 10.51 70.8 P
12 Volt
Duracell 31 7.68 5.12 6.46 7.09 23.48 J
Duracell 50 9.02 5.43 8.07 8.9 36.38 P
Duracell 70 10.2 6.61 8.19 9.06 50.7 P
Werker 100 13.03 6.89 8.43 9.37 77.16 DT
Werker 31 7.72 5.16 6.1 7.09 24.25 J
Werker 31 7.72 5.16 6.1 7.09 24.25 J
Werker 50 9.02 5.43 8.19 9.06 39.68 P
Werker 60 10.3 6.5 7 10.51 41.5 C
Werker 70 10.24 6.65 8.31 9.06 62.17 P

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