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Power Inverters
Get portable AC power with a DC to AC power inverter. Power inverters convert 12V DC power into a clean 120V AC power system. Batteries Plus Bulbs is your best source for safe power converters and inverters. More and more devices are going cord free. But sometimes you need to keep the cord to get that extra amount of battery energy.

A power converter is a great option. Our inverters allow you to connect to a 12V power source – from a car outlet or a battery – and have the energy converted to 120VA available through a three-prong outlet. Run your computer in your car, set up a printer, or use the power for a portable TV or radio. You can also use an inverter as a back-up power source during inclement weather.

Choosing the right power inverter can be confusing. To find the appropriate inverter, just match up the watt draw of your device to the appropriate inverter with enough output for your needs.

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