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Optima Batteries
When you are looking for performance in lead acid battery, look no further than a SpiralCell Optima battery from Batteries Plus. Optima batteries harness immense power through a unique SpiralCell design to provide a strong and clean power source that surpasses today’s traditional filled lead acid batteries.

It is designed to be the power behind your passion for 12-volt audio and electronics, performance import vehicles, off-road equipment, marine and RV, and cars, trucks and commercial vehicles. Choose from an Optima Yellow Top Deep Cycle Heavy Duty Battery, Blue Top Marine Starting and Deep Cycle Battery or Red Top Starting Battery to meet your specific power needs. Batteries Plus offers a full line of Optima batteries.

Don’t forget the charger! Like all lead batteries, an Optima battery will last longest if a charge is maintained, especially if used seasonally. Batteries Plus has a full array of chargers from Battery Tender, Schumacher and more to keep your Optima going.
Recycling and Contact Information
Batteries Plus is also an industry leader for Optima battery recycling. Each Batteries Plus location is a drop-off point for battery recycling. Learn more about our recycling programs for consumers and businesses.

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