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Safety Data Sheets

Stay safe. Know your battery. Choose the SDS which describes your battery. The files below are in PDF format. Can't view PDFs? Download Adobe Reader® free here.

Battery - by Brand

Battery - by Chemistry

Duracell Alkaline
Duracell NiMH
Energizer Carbon Zinc
Energizer Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Coin)
Energizer Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Cylindrical)
Energizer NiMH
Energizer Silver Oxide
Energizer Zinc Air Mercury Free
Enersys Cyclon Odyssey
Enersys NP
Eveready Alkaline (Cylindrical)
Eveready Zinc Air
Eveready Lithium Iron Disulfide
Exide Electrolyte
FDK Nickel Metal Hydride
Hernon Tech Glue
Maxell Lithium CR
Panasonic Lithium BR
Panasonic Lithium CR
Rayovac Alkaline
Rayovac Heavy Duty
Rayovac Zinc Air
Rayovac Zinc Air Mercury Free
Sanyo NiCd
Sanyo NiMH
Xeno Lithium Thionyl Chloride
Heavy Duty
Lithium Ion
Lithium Iron Phosphate
Lithium Polymer
Lithium Manganese Dioxide (CR)
Lithium Manganese Dioxide (CR Cylindrical)
Lithium Thionyl Chloride
SLI - PowerSport Dry Charged
Silver Oxide

Light Bulb - by Brand

Light Bulb - by Type

Eiko - MSDS
Eiko - TCLP
Feit - Compact Fluorescent
Feit - Halogen
Feit - Incandescent
Feit - Tungsten
GE - Incandescent
GE - Linear Fluorescent
GE - Metal Halide
Philips - CDM 35-70-150
Philips - Compact Fluorescent
Philips - Compact Fluorescent 15MM
Philips - MHC
Philips - PL Compact Fluorescent
Philips - T12 Halo
Philips - PL-L 18W
TCP - Compact Fluorescent
Sylvania - Blacklight Fluorescent
Sylvania - Compact Fluorescent
Sylvania - Germicidal Fluorescent
Sylvania - Incandescent – Lead Free Solder
Sylvania - Incandescent – Lead Solder
Sylvania - Linear Fluorescent
Sylvania - Low Pressure Sodium
Sylvania - Mini Twist Compact Fluorescent
Sylvania - Pentron T5
Sylvania - Tungsten Halogen
Venture - HID
Fluorescent - Linear and Compact
Light Emitting Diode - LED