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Mini Halogen Bulbs

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Batteries Plus Bulbs is your source for everything in the miniature halogen category of replacement light bulbs for under-cabinet lighting, landscape lighting, specialty desk lamps and much more. We carry an enormous inventory of mini halogens ranging from 10W to 1000W that are just what you need to solve your lighting needs.

Come to Batteries Plus Bulbs where you will find halogen lights in all lengths, sizes and quantities.


For under-cabinet lighting needs, we have the standard halogen bulbs with bi pin or double loop bases including G4, GY6.35, G8 and G9. If you need 12V, 24V or 120V halogen lamps we are your solution. If your undercabinet lighting calls for the super white Xenon halogen bulbs, we have those too.

Mini Reflector Halogens

Batteries Plus Bulbs is also your source for all mini reflector halogen lamps including MR8, MR11 and MR16. We have lamps for your recessed lighting, elevators, landscape lighting and more. Our in store selection of MR16 lamps includes lensed and non-lensed, spot and flood, black backed, silver backed, very wide floods and more. We even have green, blue, red, orange and other colors of MR16 bulbs.

Business-to-Business Capabilities

We have business-to-business sales experts ready to analyze and support all your light bulb needs. We have large inventories, broad assortments, and drop ship capabilities. Whether you need a truckload, case, or a single bulb, we are your one-stop source. We also offer volume discount opportunities, business deliveries, and multiple order and payment options. Contact us for more information and open a Business Account or National Account today!

Recycling and Contact Information
While light bulb technology continues to evolve and is great for energy savings, light bulbs contain mercury and must be properly recycled to help keep our environment safe. Batteries Plus Bulbs is a leader is recycling your halogen light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and your spent ballasts. At Batteries Plus Bulbs, our trained associates will make sure all disposal and recycling is done in a proper and environmentally safe manner.

Please contact us for more information on our light bulb recycling process or to speak with an associate.