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Flashlight Batteries

Keep your flashlights and lanterns shining bright with powerful replacement batteries & accessories from Batteries Plus. Everyone uses flashlights - whether it is for everyday work, outdoor fun or emergency safety. But even the best flashlight is powerless without a fresh quality battery. 

Batteries Plus offers the widest array of light and lantern batteries. From rechargeable sticks to power Streamlight, Maglite or back-up lights by First Alert. We also offer lantern batteries for brands such as Rayovac®, Remington® and lithium coin cells for miniature key lights. With all the alkaline battery sizes, we are the best source for your handheld lighting needs. We also stock bulbs, holsters, chargers and more for Streamlight and Rayovac products. We look forward to finding the right battery to make your light perform just the way you need it.  
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