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At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we have more in store, so your item may be waiting at a location close by.

Stores can also special order items and offer direct business-to-business account programs that provide outstanding benefits.

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We Recycle

Batteries Plus Bulbs is committed to recycling spent batteries and light bulbs as a means to reduce waste in our landfills, stop harmful chemicals from contaminating our soil and water, and preserve our environment by decreasing the need for new raw materials from the Earth. Come to Batteries Plus Bulbs with your recycling inquiries, and let our professional staff answer all your recycling questions.

We Recycle Spent Batteries

We lead by example by recycling the majority of the batteries we sell. Not only do we recycle to protect our environment, we support retail and business customers alike by keeping them in full compliance with federal, state, municipal, EPA and DOT regulations governing the disposal and recycling of spent batteries and select electronics.

Battery Type

Lead acid (Pb) Batteries

Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries

Lithium Ion (Li Ion) & Lithium Polymer (Li Poly)


> Cars, Trucks and Emergency Lighting

> Cordless phones, Tools and Two Way Radios

> Camcorders, Cameras and Bar Code Scanners

> Cell phones | Laptops

We also accept portable electronic devices such as cell/smartphones, laptop/netbooks, MP3s, PDAs and portable tools for recycling.

Additional recycling services for businesses and other chemistries are available upon request. Some of these services include:
• Volume discount opportunities
• Boxes available for battery and light bulb recycling
• Recycling pickup options

We Recycle Spent Light Bulbs

We recycle used light bulbs and ballasts. Find out more.

Fees May Apply. Please contact your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store for more details.

Click here to learn how lead acid batteries are recycled and re-used. Our recycling goal is to produce a positive impact on our environment by recovering and recycling more than we sell.

Have more questions? Contact us or visit your nearest store.